As of Fall 2017, students have two options for organizing their study of the Italian language: concentrations in Italian Studies or Language and Culture:

Italian Major:
Italian Studies
Italian Major:
Language & Culture
In this concentration, students can choose courses taught in English for up to half of their major credits: 24 out of 48. Many Italian-focused courses that students take in other departments qualify for this concentration (Cinema Studies; Art History; Music; History; Architecture; Humanities etc.). Italian Studies allows students to pursue interdisciplinary training while being exposed to different aspects of Italian society and culture: politics, music, art, media, art, etc. Students planning to go to Italy on Study Abroad programs taught in English (e.g. Siena, Rome, Pavia, etc.) should consider this concentration, as many of the courses taken there will be applicable. This concentration is especially useful for – but not limited to – professional areas such as Food Industry, Arts and Design, Media, Memory and Museum Centers, and Journalism.In this concentration, students do most of their coursework in Italian: 40 credits out of 48, and will work closely with Italian faculty in the Department of Romance Languages. They will take classes in Italian literature, cinema, and cultural history, and will develop high-level skills in critical thinking and in the Italian language through written and oral expression. Students who are interested in an immersive Italian language experience during their major should choose this concentration. It also fits students interested in the semester study abroad programs where all the courses are taught in Italian (e.g. Pavia). This concentration is especially useful for – but not limited to – professional areas such as education, publishing, translation, and interpreting.


 Italian Studies
Language & Culture Concentration     
Cultura e lingua12 credits of 300-level Italian language
ITAL 301, 303, 305, 306, 320, 307 (x2 for a total of 4 credits), or 300-level language courses taken abroad
Lit & Cinema8 credits of 300-level ITAL 317-399 (excluding 320): 317, 318, 319, 341, etc, or equivalent course taken abroad12 credits of 300-level ITAL literature or cinema courses 317-399 (excluding 320): 317, 318, 319, 341, 399, etc., or equivalent course took abroad

16 credits of Italian Studies IN RESIDENCE on the Eugene campus, in RL or other UO departments
• at least one course (4 credits) taught in Italian
• two courses (8 credits) must be at the 400 level; can include RL 407 (IF coursework is completed in target language)

12 credits of Italian L&C expertise courses IN RESIDENCE on the Eugene campus in the Romance Languages department
• two courses must be at the 400-level or RL 407 (IF coursework is completed in the target language)
• Maximum of ONE course taught in English may be applied toward this requirement



12 credits of electives
• Courses in literature, linguistics, film, grammar, culture, art history, history, political science, food studies, classics, geography, etc.
• Address the culture(s) of the Italian-speaking world
• May be taken in other UO departments or abroad
• Maximum of 2 lower-division courses may be used
12 credits of Italian electives
• Courses in Italian literature, linguistics, film, grammar, culture, art history, music, etc.
• Can include ITAL 150, 152, 252, 341 and RL 151
• Maximum of 2 lower-division courses may be used
Other 40 of the 48 credits for this major must be courses taught in Italian. Students may apply a maximum of 2 classes (8 credits) taught in English to this major concentration.


To declare a major or minor – or to ask questions about RL classes – please schedule an appointment with the Global Connections Flight Path team of Tykeson College and Career Advising. See instructions here:


Director of Undergraduate Studies
Cecilia Enjuto Rangel
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